Additional Information

Before you begin a painting project it is very important that you consider a few things and ask yourself a few questions.

First, is the company or persons I am about to hire Licensed and insured?  This is important so many ways. Will you have recourse if things go wrong, if the property is damaged, if somebody is injured or worse? Can they be trusted to do the job they have been contracted for professionally? 

Painting is not easy when done correctly. It is labor intensive to properly prep, mask, protect the property and get the proper materials onto the structure. There are so many ways for unprofessional fly by night painters to shortcut any of these important steps to properly painting a home or business.

Using proper materials from paint to tape, from fillers to stains is vital to a properly finished project. Unscrupulous painters will use inferior products, paints, stains, and even go so far as to water down these products to maximize their profits. 

Shortcutting the most important part of the paint process, the preparation of the job site,  is another way fly by night painters shortcut their time and work on your job and are able to offer strangely rock bottom pricing.. Improperly prepped walls, trim, facia and other areas will lead to premature cracking, chipping and failure of the coating. Remember, their bid is half for a reason, ask yourself, "what are they cutting and how did they arrive at this price?

Please be aware that dramatically low pricing by anybody bidding a job means that they are cutting either the quality of materials, or actually thinning the paint with water,  skimping or eliminating proper preparation of the job site,  lacking the knowledge to do the job correctly or all the above.  

If you want to paint your home or business once, and have the job look great for years, use a knowledgable professional painter who is properly licensed and insured. A painter you trust, one that has been is business for years that you can reach out to after the job is completed. A painter that you will be proud to recommend to your family and friends.

The painter you are looking for is Ryan Currie from Sideline painting Inc.