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April 2010

My name is Bob D.

   I am both a friend and client of Mr. Ryan Currie from Sideline painting Inc.

   I have known Ryan and his family for a long time, 20 plus years so far…  I watched Ryan grow up since he was a teenager.  He has always gone to school and worked, with very few lazy days in between.  I remember when many years ago he went to work for one of the large painting companies in metropolitan Phoenix. He worked hard there for years, moving up as the years went by. He managed and ran the paint crews on huge tracks of homes being built by some of the largest builders in America. They painted homes, businesses, and very large new neighborhoods. Ryan spent several years working in the purely custom  home painting market, doing both the actual painting, and managing and supervising the customer service requests that are always necessary after the other crews go in and disturb what has already been done. He was also responsible for maintaining yearly warranty issues when necessary.

   After years of  working for others, Ryan decided, with a little push from our economy, to start his own painting corporation here in the Phoenix and Southwestern United states area. He named it Sideline because it was a sideline at one time during time off from his other painting responsibilities. Somehow the name stuck and that brings us to today, with Sideline  still offering quality painting services for  residential, larger tract-new construction, and commercial buildings..

 I myself work in the property business, owning and managing single family homes. With this in mind, I am always painting walls, exteriors, Interior bedrooms,  living rooms, gates and fences… and on and on.  There is always some sort of painting to do. When I do need painting done, I of course call Ryan…  Not only because he is my friend, but because I know there is nobody I would rather have paint anything. There is nobody I trust more to be fair and honest. His prices are well thought out, nothing hidden, absolutely fair and most of all of good value for the service and job performed. There is no painter I know that does a better job and cares as much about doing that job properly and professionally than Ryan.  If you do have an issue down the road, he will be there to answer a phone. I have never had to make that call.

   As I already stated, I know Ryan, his wife Jennifer, and the rest of his family. I know what kind of people they are. Nice people, all of them…

   Using Sideline Painting and Ryan Currie  will not disappoint you, that I can promise. You’ll probably get the same feeling dealing with him. No drugs, drinking, laziness, excuses or games. Just a quality painter.

Bob D.


   Two months ago I purchased a fantastic home that was in need of some TLC.  Because I manage a design center, I am very detail oriented and have a highly developed taste level.  Ryan Currie was a referral from someone in my company who had hired Ryan many times during the last ten years.  When I met with Ryan, I was impressed at how professional and knowledgeable he was.  He really understood the level of detail I was looking for.  I scheduled the interior of my home to be painted and was beyond satisfied!  If you are looking for a painter who truly understands how to make your home look and feel like a “brand new home”, Ryan Currie, owner of Sideline Painting is the man to call!


Julie Shull