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We also Install Performance or Decorative Garage Floor Coatings.

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About me:                                                             

     My name is Ryan Currie. I am the owner and operator of SIDELINE PAINTING INC.
 I would like to take care of any and all of your painting needs. I have been in the painting business In Central Arizona for over 21 years. 

  Given the current state of the housing and commercial market, it is very important to do what you can to protect your largest investment by increasing your properties overall curb appeal.  One of the more cost effective ways to increase your properties curb appeal and overall value is with a top quality paint job.This paint job should be performed from a quality minded professional, not a "handyman" painter or drifter.  I have years of experience in everything from custom homes, to track homes and model homes, to commercial businesses.  Whether it is a repaint, a total remodel or new construction, I have done it all using only quality materials.  I am  happy only after you are left with a quality finish.

       You should choose Sideline Painting because "painting is what I do, and what I do best".  I was a foreman for many years for one of the largest painting companies in the Phoenix metro area.  I am now running this company, Sideline Painting Inc., full time.

   Whether you know exactly what you need, or simply need help choosing a color or an accent color, I am keenly aware of the current trends and choices available. If you do need any assistance in choosing a suitable color,  or colors, I would be happy to provide you with samples and offer suggestions to make your decision easier. You may also check out the VISUALIZER located right here on my website. See the button at the top of this home page.  If you are painting or re-painting the outside of your home don't forget to check with your home owners association first to be sure that you are in compliance with their color restrictions. I truly believe that your total satisfaction is what makes my job a success.  

   Because we live here in the heat and sun of the desert, I know that you wouldn't go out in the sun without applying sunscreen to your skin.  Consider the paint on your home as a type of sunscreen on your investment.  It too needs to be re-applied to ensure the life of your home is a long one. 

  I have all the tools and equipment needed to complete your job.  I stock ladders of all sizes, and my gear package is complete. I typically use Dunn Edwards paint but you are not limited to that choice.  If you have a preference I will accommodate your request.  I have many sizes of drop cloths to cover anything that can not be or is difficult to move, and may be in the path of getting paint on it.  I have all of the tools to mask, putty, stain, brush or spray. 

  Properly preparing the painting surface is as important as the painting itself. I am very mindful of this aspect of the job. No matter how well you paint the project, improper preparation can ruin the job in short order.

  Cheap paint and materials is another tactic used by many painters these days to drive down their bid price on jobs. Beware of this type of painting operation. At SIDELINE PAINTING we don't play that game. The price you are quoted is for quality products and a quality prep job. 

   Because of my many years of experience with all types of painting projects and surfaces, I can assure you that you will be satisfied with the job that we do at SIDELINE PAINTING INC.  I look forward to your business.

Thank you,

Ryan Currie,



Please contact me at: 602-826-0728 to set up a time so we may meet to discuss your painting needs.